Crafts Even I Can Do – Reusable Christmas Boxes

Reuse, recycle, remake and all that

My goal for this Christmas (yes, I think of Christmas in July, then completely ignore it and panic in the beginning of December) is to wrap (or pack) my Christmas presents in boxes that can be used again.

Just thinking about all that wrapping paper waste every year makes me cringe.

So what I’ve done is I’ve glued wrapping paper on old cardboard boxes and voilá! Reusable boxes! Very easy so yes, even I can do it.


Movie Madness – Jurassic World

I’ve now seen Jurassic World twice. (In 3D.)

And loved it. It was even better when rewatching.

I did not expect this.

Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard

I’m not a Jurassic fan. I loved the first one as a child and thought it was really cool. (And had some nightmares about a T-Rex looking at me from the window. xD)

I’ve seen the second one but don’t really remember it. Didn’t even know there was a third one. So my expectations weren’t  high when I went to see this one.

I really didn’t expect to become so emotionally attached to dinosaurs! I mean, I’ve always loved animals (and can’t watch movies where animals are sick and die), so this shouldn’t’ve come as a surprise. This just shows what the makers were able to do: portray dinosaurs as animals they are and not some monsters.

I had tears in my eyes once while watching the first time and twice while watching it again. And I don’t usually cry much. Multiple jaw-drops. Goosebumps. Goosebumps.

The movie was well-made (obviously), it had cool effects, nostalgia (I love the Jurassic theme by John Williams ♥, T-Rex), a hero who cares deeply about animals (Pratt) and cute bromance. Bromance is always a big plus. Just ask any show I’m watching. And the key theme that it’s man who is the monster, not animals.

The only thing that bothered me was Bryce Dallas Howard’s ridiculous high heels. *cringe*

Shopping me Softly – Tarjoustalo

I’ve just now started to enjoy shopping again. (When I was a student and my anxiety was really bad, I practically had no money and didn’t really shop anything for years.) It took surprisingly long after graduating and getting a job and getting a regular paycheck to get to that mindset that I actually can buy some things now.

Anyway, I went to Tarjoustalo with my Mom last week. (Tarjoustalo translates to Bargain House which actually sounds pretty good in English. It’s kind of Finland’s version of Primark. Or a smaller scale Walmart.)

2 sofa pillows, a t-shirt, calendar, 2 hair brushes and rechargeable batteries
I was in a serious need of a new hairbrush. (I’ve had my old one for like over a decade. Yikes.) This one felt nice (that sounds weird..). Got a smaller one for my handbag as well.
(I couldn’t get the camera to focus for the life of me.) This shirt feels so good!
Here’s a close-up. Very cute!
The new pillows make the little sofa look much more inviting. ♥