Movie Madness – The Martian

Some of my favourite films are space movies. I love the story of Apollo 13. Armageddon is quite silly but makes me feel all the feels. And Gravity is just a masterpiece. So naturally I was excited about The Martian.

I’m sad to say I was a bit disappointed.


The concept is simple: a guy (Matt Damon) gets stranded on Mars after he was assumed dead. How can he survive long enough to get help and is it even possible to rescue him?


With modern technology the film looks good. It has a lot of funny moments (some of which felt a bit forced though).

Maybe my expectations were just too high. I wanted the film to explore the psychological effects of being all alone more.

I didn’t really get emotionally attached to the characters that much.

Here’s what I liked though:

The Martian promo 01
Sean Bean as Mitch Henderson

There’s this totally hilarious The Lord of the Rings joke. And Sean Bean’s poker face makes it that much funnier.

Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park.

This supporting character stole the show for me. I was captivated by her and I even noticed myself thinking if I should cut my hair like hers haha.

As a character Mindy Park reminded me of Chloe O’Brian from 24. Beautiful, nerdy, knows computers. Basically badass.

I hadn’t seen Mackenzie Davis in anything before and this made me want to check out what she’s doing next.


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