Movie Madness – Joy

I started my New Year with going to the movies with my Mom.

I loved Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle so naturally I was excited to see the third David O. Russell movie starring Jennifer Lawrence (and Bradley Cooper).

(Even though I have to admit that before seeing any trailers I had doubts about a movie that tells the true story about how a Miracle Mop was invented.)



I didn’t like Joy as much as I did Silver Linings or American Hustle but it was definitely a good film: uplifting, inspirational and real. All that dreams-can-come-true, work-hard, believe-in-yourself -stuff.

It made me actually start to write as I walked out of the theater.

Jennifer Lawrence is such a star. I love her. She is my favourite actress and here’s why: when I look at her in a movie I don’t see Jennifer Lawrence. I see the character. It’s amazing how she can be 100% believable as a teenager leading a rebellion and then as a single working mother stuck in a rut.


If you want to see great acting and be inspired, go see Joy.

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