I need sleep – not puppies

You know what I hate? Hate is a strong word but yeah. I hate two things:

1) not sleeping well

2) having anxiety-filled dreams so you’re already anxious when you wake up

I’ve been sleeping really restlessly lately. Hot. Cold. Sweating. Everything. Maybe it’s the full moon, PMS, stress, I don’t know. All of them.

Few nights ago I had a dream a giant wasp was chasing me. Woke up anxious.

Last night I was meant to go on an airplane. One of my biggest triggers. It was horrible. I was on the verge of a panic attack and when I woke up the anxiety continued.


This was also the morning when I was meant to sleep in. (I don’t start work until 1PM.) But I got a text from my neighbour that she’s been admitted to the hospital so I offered to take care of her puppy.

A puppy. That pees and poops everywhere.

I love her and of course I’m there to help in a heart beat.

But let’s just say I’m not in the best mood for two dogs (mine and hers) to run around trashing the place.

Especially when I have kids at work that are exactly the same.

Ok. Actually I feel a bit better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.

Let’s do this.


Movie Madness – Traumatized by a Bear

It’s 11.30PM at Saturday night and I’m at my parents’ for the weekend. We have just arrived home with my Mom. (The weather was really bad, the roads were icy and it was snowing. I love driving in that kind of weather.)

We went to see the Revenant.

(Finally. I went to see it with my friend a couple of weeks ago and long story short I couldn’t find a place to park the car and was too late.)

I’m not going to go into great philosophical dephts about how impressive this movie is because I’m too tired but here’s what I got to say:

Leonardo DiCaprio is Oscar worthy. Can’t wait for the awards. Also Tom Hardy does an amazing job. I ended up liking Domnhall Gleeson too. 

The cinematography is just stunning. Breathtaking. I haven’t seen anything like it in any other film. Everything is just genious. Nature is an amazing thing. This movie makes you respect it.

Despite all the glorious nature shots, the film is strangely intimate. The close-ups make you feel like you’re there. Literally. To the point it’s a bit creepy. 

The bear scene is even more brutal than I was expecting. I’m always a sucker for animals. I was covering my face with my hands more than once. (I also cursed under my breath a lot to this particular character at the end.)

Only downside is that the movie is a tad too long. I got distracted about two thirds in. (Maybe it was because it was late.) Anyway I got restless.

A must-see film this season definitely.