Faaaacts about me – Versatile Blogger Award

Getting Through Anxiety nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, thank you so much!


The Rules:

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  4. Share 7 facts about yourself!


7 Facts About Me

This is actually difficult without given questions to answer!

1) I’m a huge, massive, giant The Lion King fan. Have been since the 90s. ♥ LoveLoveLove. Can You Feel The Tonight.

2) I love movie scores. (Also music from TV shows like Game of Thrones, you know, that kind of epic music.) Gives me chills. Three all-time faves: The Lion King (no surprise there) by Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl by Klaus Badelt and Blood Diamond by James Newton Howard.

3) I work as a kindergarten teacher right now (yep, I’m a responsible adult taking care of my minions impressionable hopes of the future) BUT some day I would like to help people with anxiety (since I have panic disorder myself).

4) I do NOT like to cook. Which is super annoying. I would LIKE to like cooking. I don’t even bake. Boo. I’m the exact opposite of a person who finds cooking/baking relaxing. I get stressed AF when I do it.

5) My first ever fandom was (and is) Harry Potter. I was a huge fan since before the movies came out. I grew up with the books. They were my teenage years. I’m reading the illustrated version of The Philosopher’s Stone at the moment. Feels. I’m a Ravenclaw by the way. 

6) My second fandom was (and is) Fullmetal Alchemist. The manga, both animes, everything. It was a complete chance that I started to read and watch it. The 03 series started on Finnish TV and we watched it with my Mom (xD) just for the hell of it. Then I spotted the first issue of the manga (in Finnish) at the grocery store. I was doomed from the get go. Feels again.

7) I live with my rescue dog and two cats (Jaime, Luna & Artemis, respectively) in a small apartment in Southern Finland, Vantaa to be specific.

This was fun!

– Satu

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I nominate kaylamariaxohayatlmaskeenstandingstrongwellness and kandicelisa if you want to do this!


Qs & As – The Sunshine Blogger Award

*insert rant about how long it’s been since I’ve blogged and feel bad and blah blah blah*

I got nominated for not only one but two Sunshine Blogger Awards! Getting Through Anxiety and Ginauche nominated me, thank you so much!


The Rules

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1.) If you had to dye your hair a “wild” color permanently, which would you choose and why? – Probably blue or blueish gray?

2.) What do you think is the most important quality for a person to have? – Wow a big one. (OMG the question not the answer!) Kindness.

3.) What’s your favorite kind of candy? CHOCOLATE

4.) What’s your favorite month of the year and why? – I don’t really have one I think. One of the Spring months like April or December because of Christmas.

5.) If you could change the ending to any movie or TV show, how would you change it? – Oh my gosh I would change practically EVERYTHING about the last season(s) of MERLIN. >_<

6.) Ocean view or garden view? – Ocean.

7.) Least favorite genre of music? – Metal. 

8.) What was the coolest experience you’ve ever had? – One of them has been rafting with my Mom.

9.) How old were you/what grade were you in, when you had your first crush? – I was 9 or 10!

10.) First pet? If you’ve never had one, what would you like your first one to be if you want one? – A Guineapig called Rusetti!

11.) If you had to change your name to something other than your own, what would you change it to? – Something easier to foreigners to pronounce (since Satu is a bit difficult).


I meant to nominate some people I’m following but I have a really bad headache right now and feel like throwing up (this screen is so bright ugh). I have to go lie down.

See you! ♥