Turtles and Anxiety

Today I went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows with one of my best mates. We also went to see the first one when it came out.

We did it kind of as a joke but also seriously, you know? Nostalgia and stuff.

It took extra effort to text my friend and suggest the date and time. (We decided to see the movie as soon as we knew they were going to make a sequel.) Hashtag anxiety problems.

Everything went really well. I didn’t struggle that much with leaving. I was a little bit anxious throughout the day and took a little dose of beta blockers. I was a little bit anxious about halfway into the movie but it was nothing really. I didn’t think about leaving or anything like that. I was able to concentrate on the movie. Thumbs up.

The film was way better than the first one! I didn’t expect anything other than good times with my friend so the movie was a positive surprise.

Sure it had stupid jokes and clichés but it was super entertaining. The plot was better, the movie had good points about team work and brotherhood and stuff. I’m a huge sucker for a brohood plotline. Megan Fox didn’t irritate me as much as April. And Stephen Amell was brilliant as Casey!

I’m not a huge fan of CGI but I love that they were able to give real personalities and character traits to the turtles. Leo has always been my favourite. He was cute.

Also: Finland was mentioned. If you want Finns to go crazy, just mention us somewhere.

The end music and animated credits were awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEE. I sang it in the car. (My friend was NOT amused.) TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.


The Bookfast Club continues

My to-read list on Goodreads just keeps getting longer and longer. I read every day but lately I’ve been more excited than usual when it comes to reading.

I spiced things up by randomly choosing books at the library again. Haven’t really done that in years. (I’ve been reading mostly series.)

I’ve been reading mostly in English so decided to choose something Finnish:

First book of the North End series: Niskaan putoava taivas by Laura Lähteenmäki.

North End Niskaan putoava taivas

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Blog’s second coming

I’ve been so annoyed at myself for not keeping this blog up. I notice I often want to write and share but either I do something else (tv or youtube or you know even work) or try to write and nothing comes up.

So I did a little revamp, cleaned things out a little bit, got a new header and so on. Fresh start. Hope it’s not a fresh end..

When I was thinking about what to write about I kept picturing those fancy blog posts about outfits and interior design and parties and quality photographs and descriptions on prices and stuff.

And while I do enjoy that kind of posts to some extent (I’ve made that kind of posts myself) I realized that what I enjoy the most is these kind of rambly not-so-planned posts about everyday life.

Now I feel the I’m-gonna-write-from-the-heart word vomit coming. Will. Resist.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be updating more frequently from now on. I’ve got only two more weeks of work until summer holidays! (I have NO idea what I’ll do! Stress!)



watching: The Tribe (oh my teenage heart!)

listening: Leave Me Breathless by University of Pennsylvania Shabbatones (The Corrs cover)

reading: Delirium by Lauren Oliver