Blog’s second coming

I’ve been so annoyed at myself for not keeping this blog up. I notice I often want to write and share but either I do something else (tv or youtube or you know even work) or try to write and nothing comes up.

So I did a little revamp, cleaned things out a little bit, got a new header and so on. Fresh start. Hope it’s not a fresh end..

When I was thinking about what to write about I kept picturing those fancy blog posts about outfits and interior design and parties and quality photographs and descriptions on prices and stuff.

And while I do enjoy that kind of posts to some extent (I’ve made that kind of posts myself) I realized that what I enjoy the most is these kind of rambly not-so-planned posts about everyday life.

Now I feel the I’m-gonna-write-from-the-heart word vomit coming. Will. Resist.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be updating more frequently from now on. I’ve got only two more weeks of work until summer holidays! (I have NO idea what I’ll do! Stress!)



watching: The Tribe (oh my teenage heart!)

listening: Leave Me Breathless by University of Pennsylvania Shabbatones (The Corrs cover)

reading: Delirium by Lauren Oliver



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