The Bookfast Club continues

My to-read list on Goodreads just keeps getting longer and longer. I read every day but lately I’ve been more excited than usual when it comes to reading.

I spiced things up by randomly choosing books at the library again. Haven’t really done that in years. (I’ve been reading mostly series.)

I’ve been reading mostly in English so decided to choose something Finnish:

First book of the North End series: Niskaan putoava taivas by Laura Lähteenmäki.

North End Niskaan putoava taivas

It translates roughly as The Sky That Is Falling Down On You. The book hasn’t been translated. As of yet anyway.

In a nutshell: dystopian future where natural resources are scarce, a teenage girl moves with her parents and little brother to a northern town called North End. The girl ends up taking care of her little brother for a week. While trying to survive she gets to know new people and discovers that everything is not as it seems in the tunnels under the town.

The concept was very interesting but there were so many annoying things! (Like why does the town has an English name when everything else is Finnish?!) Many of the names and phrases were weird and felt forced. Also the writing wasn’t consistent: first ordinary girl thoughts, then suddenly some fancy stuff. Very unbalanced.

But all in all the book was interesting enough that I’m going to check out the next one. Also I’m very bad at quitting series I have to read them all ugh.

– Satu

watching: Sons of Anarchy (Jax ♥)

listening: Into The West (from the Lord of the Rings) by David Arkenstone feat. Charlee Brooks

reading: Harry Potter ja Viisasten kivi (Philosopher’s Stone illustrated edition) by JK Rowling


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