The Bookfast Club – Potter Potter Potter

I’ve just recently finished both The Cursed Child and the illustrated version of Philosopher’s Stone so I just thought to stick them both in the same post.


Some spoilers ahead.

I got the illustrated version for Christmas (the Finnish version).

I was a bit hesitant about it first because, you know, “I want to picture my own characters” and all that. But I ended up liking it! I wouldn’t have thought the pictures would bring anything new or positive to the story but they did.

The huge size of the book felt the most weird to me. It was difficult to read while lying in bed. But I admit the illustrations work better on bigger pages.

It’s amazing how the 8th time reading a story can be as magical as the first. Love.

This is one of my favourite pictures. I love this Dumbledore. 
Magical. ♥ This scene makes me always so sad. 

So now on to The Cursed Child..


I wasn’t looking forward to the book (or the play) at all. Wasn’t the least bit interested. But somehow I still ended up buying the book the day when it came out. (And almost got desperate when it was sold out from the first two stores.)

I read it in a day, which was a bit surprising. But I just couldn’t read it fast enough. Nostalgia and stuff. Well, and the script form was fast to read.

Potterheads have been really mad at the play and the stuff in it. I get some of it.

But I liked it. It was a nice read and it would be fun to see on stage. As someone on facebook said: “It a silly story but good fun nonetheless.”

Sure the story was fanfiction-ish but it didn’t really bother me while reading. Well there was one thing.. The only thing that really bothered me was Bellatrix having had Voldemort’s child. Like, really? (I still think it really didn’t happen, that Delphi was mistaken. But what’s with the parseltongue and flying-thing then?)

There were things that other fans brought up, like on MuggleCast, that got me thinking. But I didn’t get super annoyed like some who’ve absolutely hated everything.

It didn’t ruin the series for me. Not yet anyway.

Even though The Cursed Child has been marketed as “the Eight Story” I feel it is so separate from the series. Doesn’t feel like a sequel. Just a silly story (which does have some feels in it definitely) which would be fun to see in a theatre.


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