Independence Day and MAMA feels

Since it’s a national holiday in Finland (Independence Day ♥) I decided to come here to dig this blog up again from the coat of dust. Yay.

Basically I just have too many feels and have to get them out somehow. Story of my life. 

So. I’ve mentioned in passing before that I got addicted to kpop… And listening to the music is like only a small part of it. Damn.


Mnet Asian Music Awards aka MAMA 2016 was held in Hong Kong last Friday. And I watched the whole thing last weekend. (With my Mom haha she’s such a fangirl even though she didn’t have a clue what was happening.)


I knew that I was going to die of feels. And I thought I was prepared. Well I wasn’t.

Monsta X was going to perform and my fave Davichi song was nominated in OST category. That was all I knew about the show before starting to watch. So there were lots of things (and feeeeels) I didn’t expect.

The worst, by far, was Yiruma‘s performance.

There I was watching and being anxious AF when the lineup said that Yiruma was going to perform.

I freaked out badly then and there.

I didn’t even know Yiruma was Korean. (I thought he was Japanese, too embarrassing.) And I sure as hell didn’t even consider that a pianist was going to be there. River Flows In You is my ultimate favourite piano piece. Been for years. At least for ten years I think.

I still didn’t believe he was going to be there so I had to google if there was some other Yiruma. There wasn’t.

I didn’t expect for a second for him to perform River Flows In You because the song is so old. I assumed he was going to play some new song and I was still freaking out.

Well imagine me when the first notes of River Flows In You starts playing..  I get chills just thinking about it. I actually had to pause the show and exit the room. (My Mom was laughing so hard.)

I have so much love for this song. ♥

Hope you’re well and safe. ♥

– Satu





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