I keep on dying dying dying – concert edition

Excuse me as I die a bit.

Again. Haha nothing new here. 

I found out (thanks to a Facebook post of my cousin’s son) today that frickin Bastille is coming to Finland next March.


Seriously 2017? First the kpop concert (24K) in January, then effing Hans Zimmer  in May and now Bastille in March?!

You know, living in Finland it’s always a big deal if some popular artist, let alone your favourite, decides to come here. Usually it’s just Sweden and Russia and we’re not bitter at all. Nope. Never.

Sometimes you’ll go and see someone you’re not even a fan of just because they come here.

I hadn’t even listened to 24K besides one song before me and my friend decided to go. Gotta support so maybe other korean groups decide to come here haha logic.

Hans Zimmer is another story. Different level. Me and another friend have been huge Zimmer fans for ever. We even watched The Lion King together and made a Zimmer presentation for our German class haha. Movie scores was the thing that made us hit it off in the first place when we met actually. We freaked out so bad when we heard he’s coming to Finland. And we’re going to see him together. ♥

So. Bastille. I’m rambling.

I started listening to Bastille in Spring 2013 when another friend again introduced me to them.

I was in a really bad place in my life back then. Anxiety-wise that is. It was really bad. I had trouble doing everything: staying by myself at home, going to buy groceries, even taking out the trash, everything. I really struggled.

Listening to Bastille was one of the rare good things in my life then. I delved myself into their lyrics and beats and found out it made me feel a bit better.

I listened to them in the car when I was anxious and scared and wanted to run away. My heart starts beating a little faster right now when I think about it.

Bastille brings up many memories and feelings and some of them are not very pleasant.

Three very different concerts next year. (My poor anxiety lol) All the feels. I’m already nervous haha. Seriously I can feel it in the pit of my stomach already.

But I’m super excited as well. Excited and afraid.

Wish you well!

– Satu

Oh I feel overjoyed
When you listen to my words
I see them sinking in
Oh I see them crawling underneath your skin

overjoyed by bastille


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