How I got into KPOP?

I saw this post by kwenzqoatl and decided to make one of my own. ^^

Because yes, I have fallen into the doom that is KPOP aka Korean pop music.



I had heard of jpop (japanese pop) before but wasn’t familiar with it. I didn’t know that kpop even existed.

Until last year. When my friend got into kpop. I was a happy bystander for a while. Good-naturedly laughing at them for fangirling something so hard. Without realising I’m the biggest fangirl and would follow their tracks very soon. Good times.

At first I thought that kpop was kind of teenagey? (Not as a bad thing though obviously.) Which I get because of the girl and boy groups and synchronized dancing. They were popular when I was young.

During the summer 2016 I watched my friend hyping kpop and by October I was listening to it too. Classic. (So I’ve been a fan for less than a year so I’m fairly new into this but boy have I fallen hard.)

So here are some songs and music videos that got me into the world of kpop.

The first song I really liked and listened to on repeat was One Day by Infinite. My friend knows me: they’re not a fan of Infinite but knew that I might like them. They were right. There’s not actually a music video for this and what got me into this was the beautiful melody and the passion you can see in them while singing. (Eng lyrics.)

Through that I found other Infinite songs like The Eye. I love dramatic music videos. This was so prettily shot. (Eng lyrics vid.)

And Back. I love the fighting-for-love concept, okay? (Eng lyrics vid.)

And Bad. This isn’t my favourite music video but I love the running scene in the beginning. (Eng lyrics vid.)

BTOB was another band that got me into kpop. Insane. I was already sold at the beginning with the old pianos. Beautiful. I’m also a sucker for songs that have lovely piano melodies. (Eng lyrics vid.)

And I’ll Be Your Man. Intense and cool! I like soldiers, okay. XD (Eng lyrics vid.)

I liked the sound of B.A.P as soon as I heard them. They were the first band I learned to recognize by sound. WarningOne Shot includes guns and blood. It’s just so badass. Okay I’m weak for let’s-save-our-brother concept too.

Bingo by 24K has a similar vibe to One Shot so be warned. Lots of shooting and blood. (Eng lyrics vid.) 24K came to Finland in the beginning of this year and I got my ticket half as a joke because I wasn’t super into kpop then but it ended up being amazing.

The songs above got me into listening to kpop. When Monsta X happened there was no turning back. My friend was (still is) super into them and it was the time of the Fighter comeback last October when my friends hype kind of rubbed into me as well. (Eng lyrics vid.)

I remember seeing the Fighter MV for the first time and I just jokingly said to my friend that “The guy with the silver-blue hair is my favourite”. I don’t even know why I said this and how I just randomly picked Wonho.

But he ended up being my favourite and we’ve been laughing at my “random picking” ever since.

Through Monsta X I started watching music shows, vlives, reality and variety shows and was finally properly hooked into this world.


My goodness this post is loooong. Props if someone managed to read to the end.

Good vibes to you!

♥Satu (azileea)


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