Turtles and Anxiety

Today I went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows with one of my best mates. We also went to see the first one when it came out.

We did it kind of as a joke but also seriously, you know? Nostalgia and stuff.

It took extra effort to text my friend and suggest the date and time. (We decided to see the movie as soon as we knew they were going to make a sequel.) Hashtag anxiety problems.

Everything went really well. I didn’t struggle that much with leaving. I was a little bit anxious throughout the day and took a little dose of beta blockers. I was a little bit anxious about halfway into the movie but it was nothing really. I didn’t think about leaving or anything like that. I was able to concentrate on the movie. Thumbs up.

The film was way better than the first one! I didn’t expect anything other than good times with my friend so the movie was a positive surprise.

Sure it had stupid jokes and clichés but it was super entertaining. The plot was better, the movie had good points about team work and brotherhood and stuff. I’m a huge sucker for a brohood plotline. Megan Fox didn’t irritate me as much as April. And Stephen Amell was brilliant as Casey!

I’m not a huge fan of CGI but I love that they were able to give real personalities and character traits to the turtles. Leo has always been my favourite. He was cute.

Also: Finland was mentioned. If you want Finns to go crazy, just mention us somewhere.

The end music and animated credits were awesome. EVERYTHING IS AWESOMEEE. I sang it in the car. (My friend was NOT amused.) TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.


Movie Madness – Traumatized by a Bear

It’s 11.30PM at Saturday night and I’m at my parents’ for the weekend. We have just arrived home with my Mom. (The weather was really bad, the roads were icy and it was snowing. I love driving in that kind of weather.)

We went to see the Revenant.

(Finally. I went to see it with my friend a couple of weeks ago and long story short I couldn’t find a place to park the car and was too late.)

I’m not going to go into great philosophical dephts about how impressive this movie is because I’m too tired but here’s what I got to say:

Leonardo DiCaprio is Oscar worthy. Can’t wait for the awards. Also Tom Hardy does an amazing job. I ended up liking Domnhall Gleeson too. 

The cinematography is just stunning. Breathtaking. I haven’t seen anything like it in any other film. Everything is just genious. Nature is an amazing thing. This movie makes you respect it.

Despite all the glorious nature shots, the film is strangely intimate. The close-ups make you feel like you’re there. Literally. To the point it’s a bit creepy. 

The bear scene is even more brutal than I was expecting. I’m always a sucker for animals. I was covering my face with my hands more than once. (I also cursed under my breath a lot to this particular character at the end.)

Only downside is that the movie is a tad too long. I got distracted about two thirds in. (Maybe it was because it was late.) Anyway I got restless.

A must-see film this season definitely.

Movie Madness – Joy

I started my New Year with going to the movies with my Mom.

I loved Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle so naturally I was excited to see the third David O. Russell movie starring Jennifer Lawrence (and Bradley Cooper).

(Even though I have to admit that before seeing any trailers I had doubts about a movie that tells the true story about how a Miracle Mop was invented.)



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Movie Madness – The Martian

Some of my favourite films are space movies. I love the story of Apollo 13. Armageddon is quite silly but makes me feel all the feels. And Gravity is just a masterpiece. So naturally I was excited about The Martian.

I’m sad to say I was a bit disappointed.


The concept is simple: a guy (Matt Damon) gets stranded on Mars after he was assumed dead. How can he survive long enough to get help and is it even possible to rescue him?


With modern technology the film looks good. It has a lot of funny moments (some of which felt a bit forced though).

Maybe my expectations were just too high. I wanted the film to explore the psychological effects of being all alone more.

I didn’t really get emotionally attached to the characters that much.

Here’s what I liked though:

The Martian promo 01
Sean Bean as Mitch Henderson

There’s this totally hilarious The Lord of the Rings joke. And Sean Bean’s poker face makes it that much funnier.

Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park.

This supporting character stole the show for me. I was captivated by her and I even noticed myself thinking if I should cut my hair like hers haha.

As a character Mindy Park reminded me of Chloe O’Brian from 24. Beautiful, nerdy, knows computers. Basically badass.

I hadn’t seen Mackenzie Davis in anything before and this made me want to check out what she’s doing next.

Movie Madness – Everest

non-spoilery ramblery  (+ previous Movie Madness posts)

I didn’t even know there was going to be a film about Everest. I just saw the trailer when I went to see, umm The Scorch Trials was it?, and thought it looked cool.

everest_xlgI’ve seen one mountain climbing film before this, I think I was twelve or something, and I have to admit that I got a bit traumatised. xD Being the anxious person that I am, a tense movie about people in secluded extreme conditions who struggle to breathe is not the most relaxing experience.

So I was kind of anxious already before the movie started. And it had me on the edge of my seat the whole two hours. But surprisingly it wasn’t an unpleasant experience. I really enjoyed this movie and it has stayed with me long after I saw it.

I can’t really explain why. Everest is not one of my favourite movies but it has something special in it.

What got me was the true story aspect. At some parts of the movie I thought Hollywood did their own thing to make things either more emotional or dramatic or whatever. Then later I listened to a interview on the radio where Finnish mountain climber Veikka Gustafsson told his story. He was there in 1996 when the events of the movie happened. From that interview I figured that the film is very loyal to the true events.

The special effects were stunning. Just being on top of the world above the clouds. Wow. 3D worked well. When the storm hit the whole theatre started to shake and it was awesome.

This movie makes you respect and wonder nature which in itself is a great outcome.

Movie Madness – Jurassic World

I’ve now seen Jurassic World twice. (In 3D.)

And loved it. It was even better when rewatching.

I did not expect this.

Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard

I’m not a Jurassic fan. I loved the first one as a child and thought it was really cool. (And had some nightmares about a T-Rex looking at me from the window. xD)

I’ve seen the second one but don’t really remember it. Didn’t even know there was a third one. So my expectations weren’t  high when I went to see this one.

I really didn’t expect to become so emotionally attached to dinosaurs! I mean, I’ve always loved animals (and can’t watch movies where animals are sick and die), so this shouldn’t’ve come as a surprise. This just shows what the makers were able to do: portray dinosaurs as animals they are and not some monsters.

I had tears in my eyes once while watching the first time and twice while watching it again. And I don’t usually cry much. Multiple jaw-drops. Goosebumps. Goosebumps.

The movie was well-made (obviously), it had cool effects, nostalgia (I love the Jurassic theme by John Williams ♥, T-Rex), a hero who cares deeply about animals (Pratt) and cute bromance. Bromance is always a big plus. Just ask any show I’m watching. And the key theme that it’s man who is the monster, not animals.

The only thing that bothered me was Bryce Dallas Howard’s ridiculous high heels. *cringe*