The Bookfast Club – Potter Potter Potter

I’ve just recently finished both The Cursed Child and the illustrated version of Philosopher’s Stone so I just thought to stick them both in the same post.


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The Bookfast Club continues

My to-read list on Goodreads just keeps getting longer and longer. I read every day but lately I’ve been more excited than usual when it comes to reading.

I spiced things up by randomly choosing books at the library again. Haven’t really done that in years. (I’ve been reading mostly series.)

I’ve been reading mostly in English so decided to choose something Finnish:

First book of the North End series: Niskaan putoava taivas by Laura Lähteenmäki.

North End Niskaan putoava taivas

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The Bookfast Club – Clive Cussler: Atlantis

** TWO STARS (My Goodreads)

This is the 5th book on Cussler’s Dirk Pitt series, originally titled Atlantis Found, and first one of his work that I’ve read. I think I gave this book to my (now late) Grandfather as a Christmas present. Later my Grandparent’s gave it back for me to read.

Better late than never.


I was really intrigued by the first half. There was history and mysterious discoveries of an ancient civilization. There was excitement when people exploring these foundings were being targeted.

I was halfway through when I started to get annoyed. There was just something about Dirk Pitt (a James Bond style hero) and his friend Giordino that started to get on my nerves. The book started to feel like an old man’s fantasy instead of reality.