Shopping me Softly – Tarjoustalo

I’ve just now started to enjoy shopping again. (When I was a student and my anxiety was really bad, I practically had no money and didn’t really shop anything for years.) It took surprisingly long after graduating and getting a job and getting a regular paycheck to get to that mindset that I actually can buy some things now.

Anyway, I went to Tarjoustalo with my Mom last week. (Tarjoustalo translates to Bargain House which actually sounds pretty good in English. It’s kind of Finland’s version of Primark. Or a smaller scale Walmart.)

2 sofa pillows, a t-shirt, calendar, 2 hair brushes and rechargeable batteries
I was in a serious need of a new hairbrush. (I’ve had my old one for like over a decade. Yikes.) This one felt nice (that sounds weird..). Got a smaller one for my handbag as well.
(I couldn’t get the camera to focus for the life of me.) This shirt feels so good!
Here’s a close-up. Very cute!
The new pillows make the little sofa look much more inviting. ♥